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    Wesley Gambling Counselling

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    Wesley Gambling Counselling

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    Wesley Gambling Counselling provides an individually tailored counselling program, which may include personal or financial counselling, family support and legal services. Our different types of counselling include:

    Legal Services
    These services may be available to people with gambling problems and their families in situations where funds used for gambling have been illegally obtained.

    Personal counselling
    This service helps people to overcome problem gambling. It uses a holistic method of counselling, which includes strategies to establish and maintain change in regular gambling activity and focuses on identifying underlying reasons behind the development of problem gambling behaviour.

    Financial counselling
    Begins with an assessment of your financial situation, in particular, the level of gambling-related debt. Financial counselling uses a variety of strategies, particularly assisting people to negotiate with creditors. The aim is to establish a manageable financial situation but we do not provide funds to repay debt.

    Family counselling
    We provide counselling and support groups for families who are struggling with the negative impact of problem gambling. Assistance is also available for family members in situations where the person with the gambling problem will not seek help.

    Phone Number

    1300 827 638


    Ways to make a referral

    Self-referral or Referral by healthcare professional via telephone

    Referral Process

    Following an initial phone conversation with Wesley Gambling Counselling, you are invited to make an appointment to see a counsellor. This may involve you and/or family members and friends. It’s an opportunity to identify and discuss your main concerns.

    The counsellor will put together an initial assessment of your gambling problem, focusing on the impact it has on your personal wellbeing, family relationships, finances and work performances. You will be encouraged to set your own goals for change.


    1 Dale Street, Fairfield NSW 2165, Australia

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