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    Mission Australia Financial and Gambling Counselling Service

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    Mission Australia Financial and Gambling Counselling Service

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    While many people gamble for entertainment, a large number of Australians develop gambling habits that impact negatively on themselves, their families and their communities.

    Some of the difficulties that come with gambling at problematic levels include:

    • Having no money for bills, food or rent
    • Health problems, such as stress, depression, loss of sleep and anxiety
    • Being at a high risk of losing family, friends, your house or job

    Common reasons people gamble to such lengths include:

    • To make quick money
    • To relax or get away from life’s stresses or problems
    • To fill in time when there’s nothing else to do

    Whatever the reason behind your problem gambling, the longer you continue, the harder it will be to stop. So act now.

    Call us today to book your first appointment and start taking control of your gambling.

    Phone Number

    (02) 9509 7140

    Operating Hours

    9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

    Eligibility Criteria

    We assist people experiencing gambling problems or experiencing financial problems.

    Ways to make a referral

    This service can be access by self-referrals and be referrals by other agencies.


    Shop 43, 14-28 Amy Street Campsie NSW 2194

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