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    Recovery Orientated Practice

    Recovery orientated practice acknowledges that each individual is an expert within their own life. Each person can choose to work with their family, carers, or services to get support in a way that makes sense to them. It is an approach that promotes wellbeing, builds upon one’s strengths, embraces a variety of perspectives, and allows you to develop your own interpretation of recovery and how it fits into your life.

    People that work with you in a recovery oriented way are respectful of your  autonomy and choice, provide hope for recovery, value respect, sensitivity and dignity, and work with you to lead a life that is contributing and meaningful to  you.

    Recovery and Recovery Orientated Practice is important because it:

    • Acknowledges that each individual is an expert on their own life, and that recovery involves working in partnership with individuals, and their carers, to provide support in a way that makes sense to them
    • Supports individuals to build on their strengths and develop skills and resources to meet lifes challenges
    • Provides hope for recovery
    • Values the importance of the consumer and carer views and perspectives  voice
    • Highlights respect, sensitivity and  dignity
    • Helps to build and cultivate self efficacy
    • Supports individuals to maintain and develop social, recreational, occupational and vocational activities which are meaningful to them
    • Moves beyond the mental health  diagnosis and assist in non-medical aspects of the person’s life
    • Empowers consumers and carers to lead their own recovery journey

    Reference: National Mental Health Standards – Principles of Recovery Orientated Mental Health Practice