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    Physical Health and Mental Health

    Having a mental illness can make it more challenging to stay physically healthy.

    Some of the reasons for this are:

    • the symptoms of a mental illness can make it harder to exercise, eat well or give up smoking
    • certain medications can have side effects that cause physical health problems
    • health professionals sometimes focus on a person’s mental health, rather than their physical health
    • genetic risk factors (certain genes can make it more likely that a person goes on to develop mental illness. These same genes may also play a part in physical health issues).

    There are some things you can do to give yourself the best chance of staying physically well.

    (Reference: Your Health In Mind)

    Remembering to have regular health checks and dental check ups is vital.

    The National Health Services Directory (NHSD) provides easy access to reliable and consistent information about health services for everyone. You can find information about health services such as contact details, location, opening hours, wheelchair access and bulk billing services.

    For more information on physical health and mental illness please visit Sane