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    Apps and Online Self-Help for Young People

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    MindSpot provides free online and telephone screening assessments to help you learn about your symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry, and low mood. Complete the Online Screening Assessment and a MindSpot therapist will then contact you via telephone or email to provide you with your results.

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    moodgym is an interactive self-help tool which helps you to learn and practice skills which can help to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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    Recharge App

    The Recharge app offers a personalised six week program focused on improving mood, energy and wellbeing by putting in place good sleep and wake patterns.

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    ReachOut - Breathe

    ReachOut Breathe helps you reduce the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety by slowing down your heart rate with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Using simple visuals, the app helps you to control your breath and measures your heart rate in real-time using the camera in your phone.

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    ReachOut - WorryTime

    Everyone has worries pop into their head from time to time, but sometimes they won’t go away and start to impact your everyday life.

    ReachOut WorryTime interrupts this repetitive thinking by setting aside your worries until later, so you don’t get caught up in them and can get on with your day. This means you can deal with worries once a day, rather than carrying them around with you 24/7.

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    The BRAVE Program

    The BRAVE Program is an interactive, online program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety. The programs are free, and provide ways for children and teenagers to better cope with their worries. There are also programs for parents.

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    Smiling Mind

    Smiling Mind is a free mindfulness meditation app for children and adults.

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    Moodkit App

    Moodkit is designed to improve your mood and overall wellbeing. Developed by two clinical psychologists, it offers more than 200 activities tailored to your goals.

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    Breakup Shakeup App

    Breakup Shakeup provides ideas for fun, easy things to do to help you cope after a breakup. The app teaches you that planning activities and increasing your social support will help you recover faster.

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    Calm Harm App

    Calm Harm provides tasks to help you resist or manage the urge to self-harm. You can make it private by setting a password, and personalise the app if you so wish. You will be able to track your progress and notice change.

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    BeyondNow - Suicide Safety Planning App

    beyondblue’s world-first free suicide safety planning app, BeyondNow, helps you create a personal safety plan to use when you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis. It reminds you about reasons to live and provides you with coping strategies until you feel safe.

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    Black Dog Institute - Bite Back

    Black Dog Institute’s BITE BACK is an online positive psychology program aimed at improving the overall wellbeing and resilience of young people aged 12-18. It contains interactive activities, quizzes, stories and videos, as well as information about various mental health topics.

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    Black Dog Institute’s myCompass is an online self-help program for people with mild-to-moderate depression, anxiety and stress. It delivers proven psychological techniques used by doctors to help you recognise unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours and gain the skills to manage them.

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    THIS WAY UP provides online courses to help you identify, understand, address and improve psychological difficulties like stress, insomnia, worry, anxiety and depression, and create a positive change in your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home.

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    The PTSD Coach Australia App

    The PTSD Coach Australia app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma.

    Features include:

    • Reliable information on PTSD and treatments that work.
    • Tools for screening and tracking your symptoms.
    • A scheduler that allows you to manage all your self-care, health appointments and activities.
    • Convenient, easy-to-use skills to help you handle stress symptoms.
    • Direct links to support and help.
    • Designed specifically for ex and current serving ADF personnel.
    • Always with you when you need it.

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    Onlyhuman App

    Onlyhuman is an app helping you to create habits of self-care and improve your wellbeing by providing tips, tools and new perspectives.

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    Daybreak App

    Hello Sunday Morning have developed the Daybreak app to assist you to change your relationship with alcohol.

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    My QuitBuddy App

    The My QuitBuddy app was developed to help you quit smoking, on your terms. You can choose when to quit, set your own goals, the reasons you’re quitting and include photos of loved ones. The community forum is a popular feature and allows quitters to share success stories and celebrate milestones.

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