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    Consumer and carer guide to recovery principles that support recovery orientated mental heath practice – click here

    Recovery-oriented practice encapsulates mental health care that:

    • recognises and embraces the possibilities for recovery and wellbeing created by the inherent strength and capacity of all people experiencing mental health issues
    • maximises self-determination and selfmanagement of mental health and wellbeing
    • assists families to understand the challenges and opportunities arising from their family member’s experiences.

    Recovery Hub – click here

    Contains many activities, articles, and practical resources to provide choice, encourage hope and inspire you to improve your health, wellness and live a positive lifestyle.

    Mental Health Coordinating Council: Recovery Orientated Language Guide – click here

    The Mental Health Coordinating Council developed a Recovery Oriented Language Guide because language matters in mental health. We must use words that convey hope and optimism and that support, and promote a culture that supports recovery (Reference: Department of Health and Ageing).

    Mental Health Coordinating Council: Language of Mental Health Recovery – click here

    This online course explores how language is used within mental health settings and the broader community. How your language can limit or exclude others? How it can challenge, empower and inspire?

    Price = $35.00