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    The experience of mental illness not only affects the individual but also those who care about them. Families and friends can play a vital role in supporting a person with mental illness. Many in this role do not even think of themselves as a ‘carer’. They have found themselves in this role because they see it as part of their relationship with the person who is affected. They may be a parent of someone with a mental illness, or an adult caring for a partner, parent or friend. A child who looks after a family member with a mental illness, such as a parent, can also be a carer. Carers also may not necessarily live with the person they care for.

    Whatever the personal relationship, it is important to acknowledge that caring for someone living with a mental illness can be a demanding and often isolating experience. it is essential therefore to look after yourself as well as the person you are caring for. Self-care includes looking after your own physical, mental and emotional health. Doing this can be sometimes be down to a matter of changing habits and attitudes. It need not take up a lot of time, or cost a lot of money.

    (Reference: SANE Australia) 

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    Tips for looking after yourself as a carer
    • Remember you have a right to your own life, and to nurture your own mental and physical health.
    • Remain physically active in ways that you enjoy (for example – walking, stretching, jogging or playing a team sport).
    • Enough sleep each night (for example – go to bed and rise at regular times).
    • Stay in touch with friends and family who can encourage and support you.
    • Establish a regular night out with your spouse (for example – seeing a movie once a week).
    • Take up a new hobby or reconnect with an activity you used to enjoy (for example – cooking, reading, gardening, photography, listening to music).
    • Find a local or online carers support group such as SANE’s online Carers Forum where you can share experiences, tips, and support with others in your situation.

    (Reference: SANE Australia)

    Lifeline - Tool Kit for Carers

    This tool kit provides information about:

    • The impact of being a carer
    • Strategies for supporting and sustaining yourself as a carer
    • Positive ways to help and support a person living with a mental illness
    • Carer’s rights and entitlements
    • Where to go for help

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    Head to Health

    Head to Health provides information on support and resources available for anyone supporting a person who is experiencing mental health concerns or illness.

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    Click here to view website – Supporting Yourself (Carers)